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Curve marquee tent for ceremony 40x60m 40 by 60 60m x 40m

Curve marquee tent for ceremony 40x60m 40 by 60 60m x 40m
Curve marquee tent for ceremony 40x60m 40 by 60 60m x 40mCurve marquee tent for ceremony 40x60m 40 by 60 60m x 40mCurve marquee tent for ceremony 40x60m 40 by 60 60m x 40mCurve marquee tent for ceremony 40x60m 40 by 60 60m x 40mCurve marquee tent for ceremony 40x60m 40 by 60 60m x 40m
FOB Price

US $35.001 - 200 square meter

US $35.00201 - 500 square meter

US $35.00501 - 1,000 square meter

US $35.001,001 - 2,000 square meter

group name
Curved Tent
Min Order
200 square meter
brand name
Curved Tent-42
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T/T, L/C, MoneyGram, Westem Union, Cash
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Sat, 30 Sep 2017 14:40:48 GMT


  • Application Wedding party,exhibition,temporary warehouse

  • Frame material Aluninum Alloy 6061/T6

  • Cover material Double side PVC coated fabric

  • Width 10m to 40m clear span

  • Length Without limitation,continious 5m section.

  • Flame retardant DIN 4102,B1,M2

  • Wind load 100km/h

  • Snow load 0.4KN/sqm

  • Certificate SGS,TUV,American Rental Association

  • Life Span 10-15 years for frame,8-10 years for cover.

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order200 square meter


Curve marquee tent 40x60m for ceremony


Product Application

Curve marquee tent for ceremony 40x60m 40 by 60 60m x 40m

Comparing with the traditional A shaped tents, the shape for Curve Tent is more special. It is modular structure, and can be increased or decreased in 5m bay. Hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy (6061/T6) is adopted for framework. The roof cover and sidewalls are made of flame-retardant double PVC-coated polyester textile, which is strictly conducted in accordance with European DIN4102B1, M2 quality control standards.

Curve Tent is not only strong, but also durable, the wind retardancy can reach 100km/h(0.5kn/m²). Curve Tent can be flexibly removed and expanded with its modular structure, it is easily assembled and dismantled, storage volume is small. It can be applied in many temporary events as well as the Big Tent series, also it’s a good choice as permanent building. Due to the bended aluminum roof beams and perfect roof cover tensioning system, the wind resistance and snow loading capability are stronger.

Curve Tent

Can you show us the structure of curve tent?

Yes!Curve tent is a new creative design base on standard A frame clear span tent

Width dimension varies from 10m to 40m; length can be any times of continuous 5m bay sections. 

Product Parameters

What Material is the Frame and cover ? 

The material we use for curve tent is high quality aluminium frame and PVC fabric.

Hard pressed anodized aluminum alloy 6061/T6
850g/sqm block-out Double PVC coated polyester, Fire retardant, Water Proof
650g/sqm or 850g/sqm PVC; Glass Pannel sidwall, ABS sidewall, Sandwich Wall
Hot Dip Gavanized Steel Connector, Aluminum roof connection

What is the size you have ? 

The width can be any size from 10m to 40m. The length can be any times of 5m, the tent size as bellow form.

Fastup Tent
Item No.
Bay distance
Side height
Ridge height
Main frame profile
Wind load
Snow load
CRV10/3000 10m 5m 3m 5m 122x68mm 100km/h 0.4 KN/m2
CRV12/3000 12m 5m 3m 5.4m 122x68mm 100km/h 0.4 KN/m2
CRV15/3000 15m 5m 3m 5.35m 166x88mm 100km/h 0.4 KN/m2
CRV20/4000 20m 5m 4m 9.1m 203x110mm 100km/h 0.4 KN/m2
CRV25/4000 25m 5m 4m 10.3m 250x111mm 100km/h 0.4 KN/m2
CRV30/4000 30m 5m 4m 11.5m 256x113mm 100km/h 0.4 KN/m2
CRV40/4000 40m 5m 4m 13.8m 300x125mm 100km/h 0.4 KN/m2
Our Factory & Team

Where your factory located ?

Our factory located in Guangzhou city, China where canton fair hold.

How big is your factory?

We are big factory occuying 11,000sqm with a lot samples.

How many years experience?

Our factory has 13 years experience in tent manufacturing

Here is factory overview video of Fastup Tent 

Have you Test Installed before shipping? 

Yes ! We Test install each tent before shipping to Ensure every holes dirll precisely, and each part work perfect togehter. 

The bellow is photo of Tents installed in our factory before shipping.

Quality Guarantee

Is it Strong to Use ? 

Wind Load

Our tent structure is well designed for both permanent use and renting. It can withstand 100 - 120 km / h Wind Speed.
6 degree Typhoon: 40km//h 
12 degree Typhoon.: 120km/h

Snow Load

Our tent roof slope is well designed for snow and rain to slip off quickly. The roof fabric has firstly PVC coated, then lacquered with Vinyl for more smooth surface to let snow and rain slip off. Snow load exceed 0.3KN/sqm

Do you have Quality Control in your Factory ? 

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